Youth City Council

Youth City Council

In May 1995, resident Gary Sessions presented information to the city council on developing a Youth City Council. The purpose being to allow area youth to become involved in a process that teaches, through experience, how to move into a local political arena, as well as experiencing the importance of, the need for, and the rewards of community service.

Because Mr. Sessions and your West Haven City Elected Officials care about our youth, the West Haven Youth City Council, under the leadership of resident Thelma Isaacson, evolved in 1995.

Since then these young residents have provided hundreds of hours of volunteered talent, dedication, and pure sweat labor, creating programs year after year for the betterment of their community.

The structure of the Youth Council is set up much like that of the West Haven City Council, with certain variations to accommodate a growing membership. They elect their officials and are given a small budget at the beginning of the fiscal year which has always been reimbursed with their fund raising events.


All youth ages 14-18 are invited to apply.  This is a great opportunity to serve your community and learn to become leaders.  The WHYCC meets on a monthly basis to plan for activities we are involved in; the Easter Egg Hunt, West Haven Days, Pumpkin Walk, Heart of the Holidays and many other activities throughout the year.  You will get to meet new people and have fun!  The Council works with adult advisers that provide guidance in Council activities.


WHYCC volunteers for service opportunities in a variety of ways. Several examples include: 

- Easter Egg Hunt - filling eggs and supervising at the City Easter Egg 
-West Haven Days - helping with Heritage Days blow up toys for the kids
-Pumpkin Walk - laying out the carved and decorated pumpkins, doing candy stations, and helping with other activities 
- Heart of the Holidays - dressing up as elves and helping with hot cocoa and treats for kids
-Other - Many times we just jump in where we can and help. 

While serving the community, Council members learn responsibility through specific assignments they carry out, both individually and as a group. Leadership Members also learn to be leaders. The Council is led by its members, with the assistance of the adult advisers. 

Being a part of the WHYCC is fun! It's an opportunity for teenagers to spend time with others their age. The members learn leadership skills while making a difference in the community. It also looks great on a resume'. For more information, contact the City Offices. 

THE WEST HAVEN YOUTH CITY COUNCIL HAS GROWN TO BE ONE OF THE BEST GROUPS IN THE STATE - If a young high school adult would like to join this outstanding group - 
Contact Betsy Ray @ 801-589-3839 or

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