General Plan- Public Open House

~ Come and share your thoughts and ideas about West Haven’s General Plan ~
What is a General Plan? Utah law requires that every city have a General Plan. The General Plan works like a blueprint for the future growth and development of our city. General plans are reviewed and updated every few years. The General Plan includes land uses, transportation, recreational and open space opportunities, and more. Our current version of the General Plan was adopted in 2015.
The Planning Commission is working on updating the General Plan, and would like input from our residents. A map showing the current General Plan is available online or at City Hall. Even though other cities may have zones with similar names, it is important to be familiar with West Haven’s ordinances, as they are the ones that apply to property in our city. More information about West Haven’s zones can be found online at
Would you like to know more? This 8 minute video gives a great overview of general plans:
We look forward to seeing you! If you have any questions, please call City Hall at 801-731-4519.
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