Sewer & Water Department

West Haven Special Service District

Sewer & Water Service
Your sewer service is provided by the West Haven Special Service District (WHSSD).

WHSSD also provides culinary water to a small area, please refer to the following map to see if you are within our water district boundaries.

Please print out the Sewer Service Application or pick one up at 4150 South 3900 West . This application must be completed by each new homeowner or resident and submitted to the WHSSD office at 4150 South 3900 West , West Haven 84401 or by email. Keep your account current with our easy "Direct pay" option. If you have questions please contact the WHSSD office.

Sewer Situations
If you have a sewer problem, contact the WHSSD before calling a specialist.

If you have a problem with the sewer line, let us know immediately. Please do not wait until sewage has backed into the house.

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Contact Us:
Hours of Operation; Monday -Thursday 6:30 am -4:30 pm
Office Hours; Monday- Thursday 8:00 am- 6:00 pm
West Haven Special Service District Email
Physical Address:
4150 S 3900 W
West Haven, UT 84401

If you have an after hours emergency please call 801-920-6346

West Haven Special Service District Board
The WHSSD is represented by members appointed by Mayor from the community. The Mayor sits on the Board and there are two seats that are represented by a member of the City Council and the City's Planning Commission. The following represents the composition of the current Board.

  • Kurk Beesley - through 12/2024
  • Mayor Sharon Bolos - through 12/2021
  • Curtis Nielsen - through 12/2021
  • Bryan Harms - through 12/2022 - Current Board Chair
  • Kirt Nadler - through 12/2022 (Planning Commission representative)
  • Karen Barnes - through 12/2023
  • Robert Vanderwood - through 12/2023 (City Council representative)

If you would like to be considered for an appointment on the West Haven Special Service District Board please fill out this application and email it to Jamie Williams.

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